A Door without a Knocker by Babatunde Waliyullah Adesokan (Lucent Dreaming Issue 11)

The dawn rips my eyes away
from the corners of slumber &
I snag it back – a snail recoiling
into the drape of its shell. Behind
the windows breathe the feet of
troubles, forewarning realities that
wait. I drown myself – a crashing
airplane caressing the translucent
eyelids, I am under the water &
eerie rays from above could not
lure me up. A waiting warrior of
worries is a charging elephant, I
would rather sleep than be in its
wake. & the snake suffers no trouble
Except the person that steps on it.
Like a door without a knocker
Let me have this peace.
Let me have this silence.
Let my lips never bring a sudden
slap to my cheeks.

Babatunde Waliyullah Adesokan (Toonday) writes from Oyo State, Nigeria. He works with Firstbank. He is a lover of poetry; a lover of everything that breathes poetry. His works appeared / forthcoming in Pangolin Review, Wales Haiku, Ethel-Zine, Shallowtales Review, Stillwater Review, RoadRunnerReview.
@tunde_adesokan | @toondayatkins

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