Water Runs Endlessly by Beau Beakhouse (Lucent Dreaming Issue 1)

Water Runs Endlessly


Water runs endlessly
in the still & silent room
A drop of clear glass water
in the core of a balanced leaf

pools of dark impenetrable water
where golden fish swim
below the lilies

The air is thick & humid
Jungles, mystic orchids
& gardens of hanging plants
Rainbow spectrums of light
on giant heart shaped leaves

Up in the canopy
vines & the sound of birds

& higher up in space
yellow glass
by a distant sun
by Beau Beakhouse


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Lucent Dreaming is an independent creative writing magazine publishing beautiful, imaginative and surreal short stories, poetry and artwork from emerging authors and artists worldwide. Our aim is to encourage creativity and to help writers reach publication! Subscribe to Lucent Dreaming now, support us on Patreon and follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram


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